Women In Thongs

Women In Thongs For Your Viewing Pleasure 



It Should Be Mandatory For Women To Wear Thongs For Every Occasion  


Women In Thongs Taking Selfies Are Cool Babes

Women in thongs would lose that so very important first impression wearing granny panties for a rendez vous with their lover. I am not saying it is a deal breaker for everyone. But I just can not imagine a girl that I am attracted to wearing anything else. That is why butt selfies are called thong selfies.

Since high school I have come across very few if any wearing anything but thong underwear. Luckily I have come to the understanding that girls feel the same. Many of us men are so infatuated with this tiny piece of garment that we prefer you with it rather than without.



Sexy Women In Thongs Should Tease With Thong Selfies

Luckily my girlfriend is blessed with a butt made in heaven. Knowing my passion for hot selfies and thong selfies in particular she often spends the evenings in nothing but a top and a sexy thong. Being the lucky bastard that I am she sends me butt selfies 2-3 times per week from work.

If that was not enough she lets me share them with envious coworkers as I see fit. It pays to have a partner with an exhibitionist side. My favorite part is when friends come over and visit.

This cool girl does not put a pair of pants on. Instead she finds reasons to run around in a thong driving them crazy as they try not to watch. She enjoys when I comment on the matter commenting on her nice body. We call that foreplay.



Women in thongs are such a big deal to most men that hot babes would be crazy not to take advantage of this easy way to keep their spouse happy by flaunting it. For those of you who do not should start sending your loving spouse hot selfies at work for him to long for you.


Half Way Point

Half Way Point


As I have come to understand thong babes love thong underwear just as much as we men do. Make the most of it and enjoy his longing for you every evening by spending the evening in his favorite thong underwear. 



Christmas Is Around The Corner

Girls in thongs can never have enough g strings. Send him shopping with a wish list including hot thongs of his choice. You should of course send some sexy thong pictures to enhance the experience shopping thong underwear for you.

Personally I often buy thong underwear when the opportunity arise. Think about it. I love women in thongs and given the chance to pick out my favorites I do not hesitate. So should as you reap the benefit to pick what will become your favorite hot thongs.


Click And Let The Women In Thongs Out!


Hot Women In Thongs Often Love To Share Thong Selfies

If she has an exhibitionist streak in her and a nice body for hot selfies she should share her sexy selfies with us. On our website of course but also on all our social accounts giving her great exposure. The feeling growing a following on social networks in nothing less than awesome.

A word of warning though. Do not share selfie hot content without her expressed permission. Also take in to consideration that we are a no nudity website. We do want her sexiest selfies though. Who knows.

Maybe your girlfriend can make a name for herself and experience the success of girls like Ana Cheri, Lisa Morales, Arianny Celeste and Linda Lovekaty to mention a few of the biggest players. Dubbed the queen of Instagram with close to 4 million followers puts her in the driver’s seat.



The sky is the limit as Ana Cheri enjoys lucrative sponsor deals online in form of product placement in her Instagram hot selfies. She also has a very lucrative modeling career with spreads in Playboy and paid night club attendance. 

Women In Thongs Take The Hottest Selfies 


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