Thong Selfies

Thong Selfies 

Thong Selfies Are The Hottest Selfies

Thong selfies are my personal favorite but it is the hardest sexy selfies to take for selfie girls so they are harder to come by. Selfie girls often end up making it bathroom selfies to get it right.

Thong selfies are a matter of experience as well as knowing how to get the right hot selfie angle. One could say that sexy bathroom selfies are shot in the studio of sexy selfies.

They get ready for their girl selfies in the bedroom. But when it is time to take the hot selfies it is in the bathroom the magic happens.

 Indulge In Thong Selfies Girls 

Thong babes get the best work done in the bathroom. I talked to a girl who loves to take thong selfies and she found several reasons sexy selfies are shot there.

The sexiest selfies need the privacy the bathroom provides. We both agreed that to be the number one reason to why we see so many bathroom selfies.



The Studio Of Thong Selfies

Using a mirror make it so much easier to shoot beautiful selfies. The only exception is if you have a selfie stick or even better a belfie stick. The belfie stick for the ease of taking thong selfies.

Sexy selfies enjoy studio lighting set just right in the bathroom to avoid shadows taking thong selfies. Thong babes that take the best selfies do so mostly taking hot selfies in the bathroom. Works in posts like this when they know how to pull off a thong selfie.

The art of selfies, especially thong selfies, end up in the studio of selfies. The bathroom.


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Thong Selfies Only

Have you seen any butt selfies in anything else than a thong? I am sure I have but I can not remember any butt selfies being anything but thong selfies. Granted that the average age of a typical girl taking sexy selfies is early twenties. We are blessed with near 100% thong selfies.

Do all girls taking thong selfies wear a thong every day? Or do they just in images for the sexiest selfies? I asked my girlfriend and a couple of her friends about thong underwear. They shared some interesting facts that I will share with you.



My girlfriend wears nothing but thong underwear no matter what day of the month. Come to find out that was the case with her two girlfriends as well.



They meant that thong selfies reflect what women are wearing today. Thong underwear are a big turn on for men as we all know. But wearing a thong underneath make women feel the sexiest weather or not anybody will see it. She knows she is wearing it and that goes a long way.

Now if they were to meet somebody for some casual sex on any given day neither would be caught dead in anything else. Grandma can wear those was the answer. A women who is sexually active should not be caught dead in anything else in their opinion. Thong selfies simply reflect these reasons on internet.



Thong underwear are the only way to go in other words. They had so many other reasons this might turn in to two posts to fit all the girls in thongs selfies I have in store. Covering all the reasons would make this piece about thong selfies too long. The thong. That sexy tiny piece of garment we all have come to love.



I will continue this article as a list post in a sexond post called thong babes. This would be a far to long text otherwise. I have 150+ thong selfies pictures that would be hard to fit in to a single post. They are all hot if you may wonder. I think many with me hold thong selfies as their favorite sexy selfies so you are in for a treat.

The weekend at hot girl selfies is all about girls in thongs. Close to 100 thong girls in this post.



I should have held off until tomorrow for selfie sunday but every day is thong day. Also it has been longer than usual since the last post. Our hopes are you enjoy the this post and its design.

We try to always present these beautiful girls who share these pictures in displays making the most out of each image. We always extend our posts with new fresh designs and features.


Thong Selfies 


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