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Blondes Have More Fun Taking Hot Blonde Selfie Pictures

blonde selfie 2I was watching a show called Swedish Hollywood Wifes last night as they were taking blonde selfie pictures. At a glimpse it was a bunch of blondes one dumber than the other that married rich in Los Angeles.

A closer look captured a hot bright blonde babe who knew exactly how to take sexy selfies and made the very most out of her looks and playfulness.

The woman in question is Maria Montezami who not once stopped playing her role as a dumb blonde bimbo in this reality show taking hot selfies. She is clearly a cut above the rest as her hottest selfies were sexy blonde selfies.

A look at her online presense shows a woman who handles her career professionally with 350 000 likes on Facebook, a new website that looks great and an Instagram account.

Maria has training taking sexy blonde selfie shots

Her dumb blonde selfie skills did not come out of nowhere as she later reveals taking sexy girl selfies many times sending them to her husband hard at work for their luxury lifestyle. Her dumb babe selfies manors are very sexy selfie pictures.

All part of her character and she stays in it with her husband in private I am sure. So charming you can not but envy the guy having such a sharp woman who comes off as a dumb bimbo.

blonde selfie 3
There is something really sexy with that dumb blonde happy-go-lucky character and Maria Montezami manages to picture that in her blonde selfie pictures. She is the only one out the bunch doing commercials for a couple of brands playing a dumb blonde in both of course as she really makes the most out of this opportunity given to her.

She plays the dumb blonde role so well she comes off charming to both male and female viewers. I for one would love to be her husband at work making millions with a hot trophy wife at sending me sexy dumb blonde selfie pics. I am sure we all have come across hot babes like Maria that plays that dumb blonde role beautifully and charming letting the man be the smart who does all the thinking.

Girls like Maria are purposely an ego boost to men by their side making them feel inferior while they have him right where they want all the time. I think maybe blondes have more fun after all. At least Maria Montezami that hopefully starts posting her sexiest selfies on Instagram any day now.