Bikini Bridge Gap 

You will be spanked, bad boy!


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Bikini Bridge Gap

Ahhh. The bikini bridge gap. What a wonderful Place to be at. Trying too hard to stare in to the shaded opening. Pitch black but what if she moves slightly. Still dark. Checking Google trends bikini bridge selfies turns out to be the most popular sexy selfies online. Search volume is 50 000. Only sexy selfies beats that number.

Lets see how hard it is to rank for. I have some previously posted bikini bridge pics so I should rank pretty good. Such a cool name for a cool selfie. The bikini bridge went viral summer 2014 and is still going strong end of summer 2015.


I checked if there was a wiki for bikini bridge gap or plain bikini bridge and I found a good explanation in The Urban Dictionairy. Here is Another one. A bikini bridge is a voyeuristic bikini peak of her shaded pubic hair region hanging out at the beach can be really sweet. The magic happens when the bikini bottom in combination with her anatomy affords a viewing gap.


This most often occurs when she lies on her back flat on the beach and her hip bones are pronounced, which creates a space between her abdomen and bikini bottom. Flat bellies and small bikini bottoms add to the effect making a big difference, when her bikini bottom stretches across.

Shy Girls pick up on the gap trying to cover it up. Cool babes lay back and enjoy the tunnel of breeze cooling her off. You can come across bikini bridge moments in time making it stand still for a moment with your mind deeply buried in the shaded bikini bridge.