Hot Selfie Thong Pics

Hot Selfie Thong Pics

Hot Selfie Thong Pics

We had monthly hot selfie polls running all 2015. With 15 categories to vote for while the results were near identical each month. You most likely guessed it. Consequently thong selfies came out on top every single month. Every month.

Hand bra selfies second most popular, hence nearly captured the number one spot. Because we featured it as nude hand bra selfies one month. Close but hot selfie thong pics always topped the list.


Thong Pics

 How about nude hot selfie girls

That is a good question that comes to mind. Never made it to the top three even once in our 20 odd polls. Pleasing enough as we think the hottest selfies are near nude selfies.

Hence girls in thongs sharing thong selfies enormous popularity. Almost nude hot selfie thong pics is a match made in heaven.


Thong Selfies

Other popular hot selfie pics

Teen selfies was always a strong contender in polls. So was asian selfie pictures.

Teen and asian thong pics would be a great head to head battle we should poll. Here are a few of each to make this post complete.


Hot Selfie Asian Thong Pics

Top 5 reasons we love hot selfie thong pics

The hottest girls on Instagram

We used to have monthly hottest girls on Instagram contests in 2015. Helga Lovekaty and Ana Cheri took turns as most popular hot selfies Instagram babes. Therefor we devoted tribute posts to both Ana Cheri and Helga Lovekaty.

We have a great lineup with 12 of the sexiest selfies girls on Instagram on this great page. The albums below link to their personal slide shows. Featuring their hottest selfies. Here is another 12.

Unfortunately they all have one thing in common. We touched on this in the last post. Popular Instagram girls rarely and often never publish hot selfie thong pictures.

Lots of thong pics but not thong selfies. Why? It´s to hard. Too many factors working against snapping a perfect girl in thong selfie pic.


Instagram hot selfie girls in thongs


5 techniques to master for successful hot selfie thong pics

LightingAnglesSexy LookSteadyComfort
The best thong selfies are often shot in the bathroom. We call it the studio for sexy selfies. A hot selfie thong pic requires bright lights and big mirrors to avoid shadows. Not the sexiest venue for product placement if your going viral on Instagram.
Arch while you behind your back snap a hot selfie of your butt just right. Keep some sort of sexy posture with the rest of your body fitting in the picture as well. All this blind since we want her face and eye contact.
The key to any hot selfie is sexiness and that flows through your eyes and facial expression. While nailing your butt you have to try to find that lense looking hot and sexy. That´s 100 hot selfie thong pics and you still won´t be that satisfied.
This is actually a breeze using todays camera phones. Coupled with your favorite selfie filter you can pretty much shake all you want and still keep focus.
We touched on this subject earlier. Most girls feel comfortable taking busty selfies. Now, hot selfie thong pics are a whole other ballgame. Keeping your pride and relaxation is a feat taking a hot selfie of your bare cheeks for the world to see and share.

Looking through our 300 posts and pages one can see that we favor hot selfie thong girls. Not only to please our visitors I might add. Butt selfies are our favorite as well.


Endless Hot Selfie Girls

 Thousands of thong pics

Getting close to 20 000 published hot selfie cuties here on Hot girl Selfies. We estimate that roughly 35-40% are thong selfies.

As a result we have in other words published over 7 000 beautiful thong girls. All thong selfies with one rare exception.


More Thong Pics


Helga Lovekaty – The princess of  Instagram

While this is the only post with no selfies it is all about Helga. Hence a whole post dedicated to Helga Lovekaty´s picture perfect cute little booty. We spotted her when she had a little over 100k followers on Instagram.

Knowing this Russian sensation was the next big star of Instagram as long as she did something right.

Today she has close to 4 million followers on Instagram alone. In conclusion the picture below links to that fantastic post.


thongs pics instagram helga lovekaty

The Belfie Stick

Furthermore one thing Helga manages well is her selfie stick. While not a big help taking thong selfies there is the Belfie Stick that is worth a mention.


Especially relevant since it is the only selfie stick designed for butt selfies. Over and out.


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