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Christmas Selfies To You From Hot Girl Selfies

Christmas Selfies From Us To You

Christmas selfies because their cute and set the spirit. But we bring you stocking stuffers that have been on our mind for close to two years now. I had a vision of something big. A community having fun making money together. We are going to offer girls who want followers on social media support that is nothing less than awesome. They in return get in position to return that favor.

We start developing 3 main sites December 26. If you like sexy christmas selfies and want to make money online this is an opportunity you don´t want to pass by. Do you want your own website? Already have one? Don´t know how to design it? No worries. It comes predesigned. Just add hot selfies and video. Endless templates that only require uploads of images.

100 Video Tutorials

The site has close to 100 videos integrated that sense when you need help and pop up in a timely fashion. But this is so much more. You get your own membership built on the best membership platform with unlimited levels and endless possibilities. A membership site is useful in so many ways.

Your website is linked and connected to others that offer important relations to nurture in membership settings with video chat and regular live chat.

Your Own Web Store

This years christmas selfies bring along awesome goodies. Your own store that also integrates with everyone elses stores giving your own services and affiliate products great exposure. Your store is one of many in a unique shopping mall layout. All products and services of yours get double exposure in the community store as well. Not the thousands of affiliate products you should off to make your store complete in its niche. Sell anything from didital downloads to physical goods.

Online Course Software

Members can write beginner, intermidiate and expert courses on any given subject and package it in our course software. Some will be free while others deserve a minor charge. Count on courses popping up on every imaginable subject with somebody sharing there expertise. We can monitor the entire network of sites and blogs that get a lot of traffic get our attention. We reward the writer as we reserve the right to use all content for the better of the community in online courses.

Social Media Marketing Is Key

Are you social media savvy? Any social network where you lack experience is just an online course away. Our tutorials focus exactly on what we do so it is rather a manual.  Jump at this opportunity if you are a wiz at anyone. Both selfie girls and guys websites are truly a social media integration.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tumblr for starters. We integrate monitoring of other social networks in order of usage by members. The use of highly effective social tools(some free, some a small monthly charge) make it possible to manage social marketing for a large amount of social accounts.

100 accounts and more can be handled just right if you know your network. One could make a good living offering such services to our network. The way we aim to build this social media will be highly successful and the main traffic driver.

Christmas Selfies Give You A Taste

Your blog posts rank in Googles search engine and drive traffic to your website if you have something interesting to offer. Christmas selfies are interesting enough. We are all publishing posts whith girl selfies and there will be plenty of courses and blog posts written by other members on the subject.

SEO (search engine optimization) demystified if I have my say on the matter. Google´s search engine is so awesome it tries not to punish you for not being an SEO expert. It understands what you are trying to bring fourth and if it considers that of value it will rank you better than some think you deserve.

Ad Sharing

We have software making it possible to share advertising revenue throughout the network based on website relationships. I am not going to get in to specifics just yet but everyone is interlinked with each other based on how you came in contact with our network of websites. We have so many features in store that we will roll out in future posts.

Get Password Protected Access

Subscribe to our newsletter in this christmas selfies post and get more specific in depth information about the progress we are making developing a two year vision refined. Access two password protected hot selfies sites under construction. These new websites are as hot as sexy selfies come.

We value our subscribers opinion and we will continually make surveys on sometimes even the smallest matters. We want this undertaking to become the network our members wanted. You also get passwords to each post on new site covering the progress, difficulties and future undertakings during the development phase. Subscribe and join us.


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